2016 Finalists


1st Place
AMECS (Spain)

Heating auxiliary system which heats or refreshes the vehicle without having to start the engine. One of the major advances of this system, is that you can turn on / off from an application for Smartphone, and even set the time you want it to start so that when the passenger enters the vehicle, it is already at a nice temperature. It also has a button on / off button on the dashboard. 


2nd Place
ZEAL (Slovakia)

Let me introduce JA Company ZEAL. It is not just an ordinary trial student company that teaches you about finance. It is passion. It is energy. It is a team of young people whose minds are full of new ideas. People ready to invent, create, make their visions come true, help others. In JA Company ZEAL we have invented technology that encourages people to acquire the right sitting habit. We have used technology in a car seat. We are focused on reducing car accidents. Drivers that sit properly, will avoid health complications in future and will have better reactions to unwanted and unexpected situations.


3rd Place

Garnfabrik is a student company, founded in cooperation with the JUNIOR Expert competition in November 2015. In searching for a business idea, we wanted to ensure our philosophy of sustainability and customer satisfaction would be maintained, which is how we came to creating handmade, individual textile products out of “upcycled” fabric with a unique spray paint design, which can be chosen by the customer. Examining the automobile industry, we designed seatbelt-pillows, offering our customers maximal comfort during long car rides.


InnoMotion (Austria)

“Innomotion” is a Junior Company from Stainach. We recycle the remnants of a water-resistant, soil-resistant and breathable fabric to manufacture specially designed neck cushions, seat covers, sporting goods and “Welcome-Bags” for refugees. Our new neck cushion can relieve neck pain and increase the driving comfort. You sometimes spill drinks in your car; with Innomotion seat covers your car won't get dirty because they are self-cleaning. In addition, competitors often cannot guarantee customers 100 percent environmentally friendly products. In conjunction with comfort it is joined by functionality. Therefore, we are using high-tech Schoeller® WB Formula fabrics to meet our quality standards.



Auto World (Bulgaria)

Our company consists of 5 students from the Vocational high school of transportation and transport management, Kazanlyk. Our idea is to create a small device that will be placed at various areas inside the vehicle – for instance next to the rear view mirror or on the driver’s sun visor, next to the seat. The aim of the device is to give access to the car to only 5 memorized faces. The device will scan the eyes and the face and only authorized people will be able to unlock the car or start the engine. The device will be synchronized with the computer of the car and aims to decrease the number of stolen cars. Our product is called Guard Car!



ChillUp (Czech Republic)

Students company ChillUp has been founded by students of Gymnasium, Ostrava-Hrabůvka in the Czech Republic. Our main goal is to increase driving comfort on long journeys by car. Therefore, we developed a HeadPad, special comfortable pillow, which is suitable for all passengers on long routes. HeadPad is made from a memory foam and a cover is made from polyester. It has a unique shape, which is perfectly adapted to each passenger. The cover is easily wipeable, removable, washable and very pleasant to the touch. HeadPad is sure of comfort, a shape was consulted with a leading engineer of Hyundai Motor Czech.



AlterAir (Denmark)

The name AlterAir is from the word alternative, and to be alternative is a good opinion to our product, Because our product is a new thinking throttle, and the product provides the engine more air than normal. We are three young students from Aarhus Tech who want to make a difference. We are in our first year of the mechanic education. We won the Danish Hyundai final with our aerodynamic throttle body that eliminates the turbulence, created by the conventional throttle. Our goal is to make a difference in today’s world and that we get to produce and sell our product.



Easy Boot (France)

Easy Boot aims to render easy the loading and discharge of vehicles, my minimizing back efforts. The Boot’Truck is a glass fiber steel plank: by doing so, it optimizes weight and durability. It is mounted on stainless steel rails in order to make it slide outside the boot with the help of a ball-bearing system. It can support up to 500 kg charge in the trunk. Thanks to this unique and innovative product, physical efforts are considerably reduced as well as skeleton movements. It only takes a (3D printed) handle-pull to move the plank forward or backward easily.



FreeWay (Italy)

We are a team of five students created to help others. Our idea is to create a project exploiting the potential of today’s technologies; we will create with Bluetooth and Arduino a useful system to all module can alert on the phone the imminent arrival of direct public transportation in the chosen destination. Our strategy is to focus on the idea, not of a physical product that needs continued funding. We have a project with an Arduino connected to an application accomplishes a useful goal, this goal; it can alert the user of theimminent arrival of mobile-specific public transport designated by the traveler.



Treckster UB (Norway)

Treckster UB from Nydalen Upper Secondary School in Oslo wants to make it easier and safer to cross the road. Our solution is ISY-light. When the driver sees you standing by the zebra crossing he can turn on a green light on the front of his car, signaling that he has seen them. This means that you, as a pedestrian, can quickly and safely cross the road, even before the car has stopped, facilitating both sides. With our product we want to take responsibility and be a part of preventing deaths, injuries and make traffic safer.




We have the pleasure to introduce a socially responsible company helping to reduce the number of accidents during travel with children. Our team consists of four boys from technical logistics. The offer we created allows to join the automotive branch with children’s sector – it is the innovative solution in child car safety. As a modern company, we put a great emphasis on the quality of our product, friendly service and guarantee of good fun and smiles.




Cardio Drive (Romania)

Cardio Drive is a company created on a shared vision of five students who wish to offer a safer future for all road users. Our mission is a significant decrease in the number of road accidents caused by drivers affected by cardiovascular diseases, these diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Our company aims to bring to market a revolutionary product, easy to use and maintain, which will increase driving safety in the case of diseases that are manifested by a driver that loses consciousness, regardless of age, which may endanger his life and other drivers.




The Norckljuka Team members attend the 2nd grade in the 3-year vocational technical programme Vehicle Body Repairer at SPSŠB Ljubljana. In the framework of developing entrepreneurial skills they decided to make a tow bar hook which would enable drivers a more user-friendly way of towing trailers. Made out of recycled materials and suitable for all cars. Unlike the regular tow bar hook, our model puts itself away by a push of the button. The prototype presents the foundation for custom-made, individually adaptable ball hooks. It complies with all regulations and makes using the product easier at the same time.




Keasy (the Netherlands)

In corporation with eight students we decided to bring something handy on the market. Keasy is a key organiser for all your Keys. Keasy brings all your keys together in what results in a compact, smart and safe product. You can choose between five different colours (green, red, blue, silver and black) and you can use Keasy for up to sixteen keys. Three different sizes of screws are included for a small price of €8,95.




Spot (the UK)

SPOT’ is an in-car educational game to address the ‘pain’ commonly known as ‘Are we nearly there yet!?’. Innovative, sustainable and expandable, it is aimed at parents of children aged 5 to 12. An alternative channel is proposed through Hyundai to improve corporate image and perceptions of corporate social responsibility. Our Mission Statement: We pledge ourselves here at “Spot’ to provide a high quality, educational and entertaining game that is guaranteed to keep children and adult passengers alike enthralled during lengthy and sometimes boring car journeys.



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